Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery

Software that recovers data from any Windows device


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  • Program license Free
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  • Size 16.50 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Cleverfiles Software

The next time you lose, delete, or misplace a file on your computer, you'll love knowing that Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery can track down, locate, and save that file for you.

While you probably love using the shortcuts on your keyboard, you've probably also been frustrated at how easily accidents can occur when using those shortcuts. As you move through your photo files, you might accidentally hit a button deleting a treasured photo. If you act quickly enough, you can save that photo from your recycling bin. However, if you don't realize the mistake, that file might disappear. With Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery, you can now track down all types of missing or deleted files.

Suitable for use at home or at work, this program will check the recycling bin, all folders, directories, and even hidden spaces on your computer to find your missing file. While it does require that you know at least a portion of the file name, it will show you a list of up to 200 files found. Though it's primarily designed for use with computers, it also works well with stand-alone devices, including external hard drives and USB drives. You can even use the program to search for missing files on a memory card.

Some users worry that the program doesn't work as designed because its scans take so long. If you opt for a basic scan of just a few drives on your computer, you might get results back in just a few minutes. However, for a more thorough search of your system, the program may take an hour or even longer to finish its scan. Though it takes longer to go deeper into your system, these longer scans will likely bring up more results.

Disk Drill Windows Recovery is one of the easiest recovery programs to use. It brings up all areas of your computer it is able to search, including your C drive and any storage devices plugged into your computer. You may select an individual drive to search, or you can also search all drives at the same time. Once you find the missing file, click one button to start the recovery process, providing you with the most recent version of that file. While Disk Drill Windows Recovery can locate program files, documents, pictures and even videos, it doesn't offer anything new or different than similar programs do.


  • Can search your computer and external drives to locate missing files
  • Searches for files recently lost as well as those that went missing up to 12 months ago
  • Has a higher success rate than other recovery programs do
  • Allows recovery of files with just one click of your mouse
  • Features multiple scanning modes


  • Complete scans take a long time
  • Too similar to other recovery programs
  • May not find all your missing files
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